AISI 316L stainless steel Pipe

316L Stainless Steel Pipe is a variation of 316 stainless steel types. There are other variations such as the 316F, 316N and 316H. The 316 in general is a corrosion resistant stainless steel. It performs in higher temperatures without compromising the strength. This material is either cold drawn or hot rolled but cannot be heat treated to harden after production. Annealing and quenching technique could be used to increase the ductility of the material. The 316L stainless steel pipe however has to be heated to very high temperature and then allowed to be rapidly cooled, but not faster than the cooling rate at still air.

The cold drawn pipes are seamless and have less absolute roughness. Their dimensions are more precise than the hot rolled ones.

The pipes can be used in precise applications because their wall thickness and surface do not undulate greatly. The use of the material is seen primarily in highly corrosive environments such as marine and sea water applications. The strength enables this material to be used in structural applications as well. 316L material contains less carbon than the ordinary 316 material. By reason of this, welding operations are much easier on 316L. The stainless steel pipe 316l schedule 40 is one of many different pressure classes and schedules that govern the pressure containment capacities of this material. The pressure containment, corrosion resistance and the welding ease make this material appropriate for marine constructions. The price of Stainless Steel Pipe can vary depending on the grade and dimensions of it.

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