Five Awesome Tips when Using Bookmarks for Branding

Bookmarks can do more than just mark a reader’s place in a book. These simple yet impactful items can be a great marketing tool when printed with your branding. You can order branded bookmarks with a variety of colours and materials. If you want to take advantage of their amazing potentials,

here are some tips to help you:

Donate them to Libraries

Branded bookmarks can be left in library entrances for visitors to pick up on their way in and out. Or you can also ask library staff if you they are willing to give away a bookmark with every book they lend. This approach will greatly increase your brand’s exposure to a wide audience and shows your generosity. Because some of those who will receive your bookmarks may never have heard about your business before, ensure your bookmarks clearly show what your business does and how it can benefit people.

Ensure Both Sides Have Something

Promotional bookmarks like silver bookmarks can be a fantastic canvass for your branding because of their flat surface and the potential to print everywhere. To maximise the potential of your bookmarks, print on both sides. Consider printing your logo and slogan on one side and extra information on the other.

Give Them Away Alongside Other Purchases

Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar store or selling online, you can reward purchases with something extra such as a branded bookmark. Bookmarks are especially suitable for online sellers because a lot of them have a flat profile and will fit easily inside packages, not adding extra weight. This is a great idea if your business has links to the book industry.

Order Bookmarks in Bulk

Branded bookmarks are affordable gifts and you can make them even more affordable when you order them in bulk. If you increase the order quantity, the unit cost will reduce. And giving more bookmarks to more people will increase your brand’s visibility and exposure. Thus, your investment will pay off well and you don’t need to worry about them finishing too soon.

Use them as Business Cards

Whether you are a publisher, author, charity, or educational business, giving away branded bookmarks instead of business cards is a great idea. People are more likely to keep a beautifully-designed and durable-looking bookmark than a business card. Those who will receive the items will enjoy reading more and have something to remember you with every time they dip into a book.

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