Four Factors to Consider when Budgeting for Website Development

If you are building a website for your business, you need to consider many things. Apart from the upfront cost of designing and coding the site, you have to deal with monthly costs to maintain and run your site. But, you will be able to save big when you prefer to use one of the popular website builders. Knowing the cost involved in building and running a website will help you avoid making mistakes that could cause you to go over budget. Below are the factors to take into account when budgeting for a site:

Domain Name and Registration

You need to register your domain name to successfully display your site on the web. You can register your business by buying a name from a reputable domain registrar. You need to buy a name annually and if you prefer to purchase one year at a time, you may have to spend between $15 and $50 per year. But, you can save money if you buy a domain name for many years at a time.

Web Hosting

Hosting your site is like renting office space online. Typically, hosting is offered separately by a separate business or included in your website builder package. Picking the right host is important to ensure faster page load speeds as well as enhanced search engine performance and support. Web hosting can range from $15 per year to hundreds of dollars per month. This will depend on the type of hosting you prefer. The most affordable type is shared hosting where you share a server with other websites. You can also choose dedicated or VPN hosting but they are more costly than their shared counterpart.

Website Development

Time and function are the most important factors that affect your web development budget. The length of time you need to build a site depends on your site’s size, functionality, and availability of images and content. Plan to develop a website with less than 30 pages and basic functionality. A website builder is a top choice if you want to save money.

Adding functionality to your site will mean extra cost. Make sure to have a list of your must-haves for the success of your site and another list of functions you like to have. This will offer you options based on your projected budget.

Ongoing Maintenance

Even if your website was born, it doesn’t mean your work and expenses end there. You need to maintain your site to keep it running and keep its optimal performance. Website upgrades are necessary to stay relevant.

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